A Closer Look at Wrought Iron Railings

So, what is Wrought Iron? In its simplest definition “Wrought Iron” is a specific type of iron, and the traditional material of the blacksmith, deriving its name from the word 'wrought', which is the medieval past tense of the verb 'to work.’ Wrought Iron literally means 'worked iron,’ which refers to the method of manufacturing the metal by working repeatedly under a hammer.

”Wrought Iron” is a name that has persisted even though the metal in use may not be wrought iron. Today the common material of the metal fabricator is Mild Steel which is a cheap industrial product. The term “Wrought Iron” is becoming debased and misinterpreted, to cover all ornamental ironwork, including cast iron and mild steel.

Apex Railing Solutions, LLC has access to a number of suppliers of materials which mimic the traditional appearance of wrought iron. We can design and fabricate both interior and exterior railing systems, from the simplest to the most ornate designs; there are literally thousands of options from which to choose.

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