Sleek, Elegant and Modern Cable Railing

We pride ourselves on designing and installing custom cable railing systems that elevate the aesthetics and functionality of any outdoor living space. Understanding the nuances of cable railing can help appreciate the blend of sleek design and practicality these systems offer. 

Cable railing systems are an elegant, sleek option for homeowners wanting to enhance their outdoor living spaces without obstructing views. 

Cable railings for the exterior of a home and deck.

Design Considerations

Cable railing offers a versatile design that can fit various aesthetic preferences and architectural styles. Whether you opt for a minimalist look with sleek stainless steel or a more traditional appearance, cable railing systems can be tailored to suit your specific design vision. Innovative designs allow for customization, including various top rail designs, intermediate posts, and the termination posts.  

Material Options

Material choices for cable railings include stainless steel and aluminum for the cables and posts, with stainless steel being a popular option for its durability and resistance to corrosion. The 1×19 strand stainless steel wire is recommended for its strength, low flex, and minimal stretch, making it ideal for railing applications. Stainless steel or aluminum can be used for top rails, with marine-grade stainless steel recommended for harsher environments or outdoor applications. 


Cable railings are celebrated for their low maintenance, requiring only periodic cleaning and tension adjustments. Stainless steel systems can be kept in optimal condition with regular inspections for wear or damage, adjusting tension as necessary, and cleaning with appropriate products to prevent corrosion. Specialized cleaners and sealants like Marine 31 Polish and Sealant are recommended for outdoor cable railing systems, especially in coastal areas, to protect against the elements​​​​.

Safety and Codes

When installed correctly, cable railings are an incredibly safe and sturdy barrier that meets building code requirements when properly designed and maintained. The critical factors for safety include ensuring the correct height and spacing between cables to prevent accidents, and that the system can withstand the required loads and forces as specified by local codes.

In all railing systems, cable railing safety and code state that spacing between cables must not allow a four-inch sphere to pass through cables with considerable force. Otherwise, stairs can have a six-inch sphere rule between the step treads and the bottom railing.

We ensure our installations meet those compliance requirements by consulting the local building regulations to ensure every design meets all safety standards​​​​.

Design & Installation

Every home is unique. We design each railing system to match the exact need of the location, so there is on one-size-fits-all in our eyes. Once we have worked with you to select the exact style, materials and other design aspects, our team will fabricate everything and handle the full installation process. The process generally involves securing posts, attaching the handrail, threading cables through pre-drilled holes, and tensioning the cables to ensure even tightness across the system. Key tips include planning and measuring accurately, securing posts firmly, and adjusting cable tension as needed​​​​.

Cable railings for the exterior of a home and deck.

Cable railing systems offer an attractive, durable option for enhancing decks, patios, and outdoor spaces. With proper installation, materials suited to your environmental needs and aesthetic preferences, and regular upkeep, a cable railing system can provide safety, minimal maintenance, and unobstructed views for years to come.

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