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Single Top Component Glass Railings


Component railing systems are one of the most popular styles we build.

Component railing systems have steadily grown in popularity over the past two decades, primarily because they offer a cost-effective alternative to custom systems. Incorporating high-strength aluminum alloys with the latest in paint technologies, these pre-manufactured railing products are strong, versatile, weather-resistant and very low maintenance.

Component Railing Systems | component parts of an aluminum system

Component guardrails are made from a variety of aluminum extrusions.

Available in a variety of picket and glass designs VistaPro® component railing systems will dramatically reduce and even eliminate the long-term maintenance costs associated with conventional railing products. The term “component” refers to the way these systems are assembled. Based on the exact measurements of your project, long pre-manufactured welded panels and extrusions are cut and mechanically fit together as components of the larger railing system. Mechanical connections are made using corrosion-resistant stainless-steel screws and fasteners—most of which are concealed from view.  Corners, transitions to stairs, and guardrail runs longer than 18-feet make it necessary to make field splices. Our top rail field splices are flush, producing a tight and discrete seam, because they utilize an inside sleeve at the joint, as opposed to the bulky oversleeve components many other systems use. The result is a sleek, continuous top rail.

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Flush Corner


Oversleeve Corner