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Shoe mount custom glass railing installation

Understanding Glass Railings: Types and Design Considerations

Glass railings, a symbol of architectural precision, are not just barriers but a statement that merges the boundaries between indoor rooms or outdoor spaces. The evolution of glass as a prime material for railings, particularly in commercial settings and luxury residences, underscores its ability to provide both transparency and structural performance. Dive into the world…

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Cable style railings custom designed for homes

Sleek, Elegant and Modern Cable Railing

We pride ourselves on designing and installing custom cable railing systems that elevate the aesthetics and functionality of any outdoor living space. Understanding the nuances of cable railing can help appreciate the blend of sleek design and practicality these systems offer.  Cable railing systems are an elegant, sleek option for homeowners wanting to enhance their…

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Component Railing Systems | component parts of an aluminum system

Ultimate Guide to Custom Aluminum Railings: Durability & Design for Seattle’s Climate

When considering aluminum railings for outdoor applications such as decks, porches, patios, and stairs, particularly in a city like Seattle known for its cold, wet, and mossy conditions, aluminum emerges as a standout choice for several compelling reasons. Its innate properties and design innovations cater to the demands of challenging climates, ensuring durability, ease of…

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Wrought iron picket handrail styles outside on stairs and deck

Enhancing Your Seattle Home with Custom Railings

A Blend of Uniqueness and Curb Appeal with Custom Railings In the bustling heart of Seattle, where each home tells a story, custom railings stand as a testament to uniqueness and enhanced curb appeal. Apex Railing Solutions, as a premier designer and builder in the area, we specialize in bringing these stories to life through…

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Glass railings 8

Maximizing Small Spaces

Custom Railings That Elevate and Expand In the quest to maximize small living spaces, every design decision counts. Railings, often considered as mere safety features, can play a crucial role in enhancing the functionality and aesthetic appeal of compact areas. Apex Railing Solutions specializes in custom railings that not only ensure safety but also contribute…

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Custom railing fabricated and built for a client in Seattle.

From Industrial to Minimalist Metal – Match Any Interior Design

Elevating Spaces with Timeless Interior Staircase Design Apex Railing Solutions excels in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones with custom railing designs. Our mastery in crafting sophisticated and symmetrical entries ensures a welcoming space within any home. We embrace the eclectic and electric, merging the unexpected with the traditional to create unique, bespoke pieces of…

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